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3 Installing and loading the FGA package


  1. Installing the FGA package
  2. Loading the FGA package

3.1 Installing the FGA package

The installation of the FGA package follows standard GAP rules. So the standard method is to unpack the archive into the pkg directory of your GAP distribution. This will create an fga subdirectory.

For other non-standard options please see Chapter Installing a GAP Package in the GAP Reference Manual.

3.2 Loading the FGA package

The FGA package is configured to autoload, so its functionality is usually available once GAP is started.

If GAP does not autoload, you can request the package with the LoadPackage command like this:

gap> LoadPackage( "fga" );
Loading  FGA 1.4.0 (Free Group Algorithms)
by Christian Sievers (c.sievers@tu-bs.de).
Homepage: http://www.icm.tu-bs.de/ag_algebra/software/FGA/

You will not see the banner if FGA has already been loaded.

The LoadPackage command and ways to disable autoloading are described in Section Loading a GAP Package in the GAP Reference Manual.

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