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Hap Programming – An experimental framework for objectifying the data structures of Hap

( development version of 10.02.2020 )

Marc Röder
Email: marc.roeder(at)

Marc Röder, Department of Mathematics, NUI Galway, Irleland


This extension does not change the behaviour of Hap and is fully backwards-compatible. It is not a part of Hap and there is no guarantee that it will at any point be supported by Hap. Use at your own risk.


© 2007 Marc Röder.

This package is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later (at your convenience). See the file LICENSE or


This work was supported by Marie Curie Grant No. MTKD-CT-2006-042685


1 Resolutions in Hap
2 Accessing and Manipulating Resolutions
3 Contracting Homotopies

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