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A Files

A Files

Below is a list of all relevant files forming the LOOPS package. Some technical files are not included. A typical user will not need to know any of this information. All paths are relative to the pkg/loops folder.

README (installation and usage instructions)
init.g (declarations)
PackageInfo.g (loading info for GAP 4.4)
read.g (implementations)
data/automorphic.tbl (library of automorphic loops)
data/automorphic/*.* (addition files for the library of automorphic loops)
data/cc.tbl (library of conjugacy closed loops)
data/code.tbl (library of code loops)
data/interesting.tbl (library of interesting loops)
data/itp_small.tbl (library of small loops up to isotopism)
data/leftbol.tbl (library of left Bol loops)
data/moufang.tbl (library of Moufang loops)
data/nilpotent.tbl (library of small nilpotent loops)
data/rcc.tbl (library of right conjugacy closed loops)
data/rcc/*.* (additional files for the library of right conjugacy closed loops)
data/paige.tbl (library of Paige loops)
data/small.tbl (library of small loops)
data/steiner.tbl (library of Steiner loops)
doc/*.* (all documentation files)
doc/loops.xml (the main documentation file for GAPDoc)
doc/loops.bib (the main bibliography file for documentation)
gap/ .gi (core methods for Bol loops)
gap/ .gi (properties of quasigroups and loops)
gap/ .gi (methods for data conversion and compression)
gap/ .gi (core methods for quasigroups and loops)
gap/ .gi (elements and basic arithmetic operations)
gap/ .gi (methods for libraries of loops)
gap/ .gi (methods for extensions of loops)
gap/ .gi (methods for isomorphisms and isotopisms of loops)
gap/ .gi (memory management)
gap/ .gi (realizing groups as multiplication groups of loops)
gap/ .gi (methods for Moufang modifications)
gap/ .gi (methods for triality of Moufang loops)
gap/ .gi (representing, creating and displaying quasigroups)
gap/ .gi (random quasigroups and loops)
tst/bol.tst (test file for Bol loops)
tst/core_methods.tst (test file for core methods)
tst/iso.tst (test file for isomorphisms and automorphisms)
tst/lib.tst (test file for libraries of loops, except Moufang loops)
tst/nilpot.tst (test file for nilpotency and triality)
tst/testall.g (batch for all tets files)

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