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15 Development history
 15.1 Changes from version to version
 15.2 Versions for GAP [4.5 .. 4.12]
 15.3 What needs doing next?

15 Development history

This chapter, which contains details of the major changes to the package as it develops, was first created in April 2002. Details of the changes from XMod 1 to XMod 2.001 are far from complete. Starting with version 2.009 the file CHANGES lists the minor changes as well as the more fundamental ones.

The inspiration for this package was the need, in the mid-1990's, to calculate induced crossed modules (see [BW95], [BW96], [BW03]). GAP was chosen over other computational group theory systems because the code was freely available, and it was possible to modify the Tietze transformation code so as to record the images of the original generators of a presentation as words in the simplified presentation. (These modifications are now a standard part of the Tietze transformation package in GAP.)

15.1 Changes from version to version

15.1-1 Version 1 for GAP 3

The first version of XMod became an accepted package for GAP 3.4.3 in December 1996.

15.1-2 Version 2

Conversion of XMod 1 from GAP 3.4.3 to the new GAP syntax began soon after GAP 4 was released, and had a lengthy gestation. The new GAP syntax encouraged a re-naming of many of the function names. An early decision was to introduce generic categories 2dDomain for (pre-)crossed modules and (pre-)cat1-groups, and 2dMapping for the various types of morphism. In 2.009 3dDomain was used for crossed squares and cat2-groups, and 3dMapping for their morphisms. A generic name for derivations and sections is also required, and Up2dMapping is currently used.

15.1-3 Version 2.001 for GAP 4

This was the first version of XMod for GAP 4, completed in April 2002 in time for the release of GAP 4.3. Functions for actors and induced crossed modules were not included, nor many of the functions for derivations and sections, for example InnerDerivation.

15.1-4 Induced crossed modules

During May 2002 converted the code for induced crossed modules. (Induced cat1-groups may be converted one day.)

15.1-5 Versions 2.002 -- 2.006

Version 2.004 of April 14th 2004 added the Cat1Select (2.7-1) functionality of version 1 to the Cat1Group (2.4-1) function.

A significant addition in Version 2.005 was the conversion of the actor crossed module functions from the 3.4.4 version. This included AutomorphismPermGroup (6.1-1) for a crossed module; WhiteheadXMod (6.1-2); NorrieXMod (6.1-2); LueXMod (6.1-2); ActorXMod (6.1-2); CentreXMod (4.1-7) of a crossed module; InnerMorphism (6.1-3); and InnerActorXMod (6.1-3).

15.1-6 Versions 2.007 -- 2.010

These versions contain changes made between September 2004 and October 2007.

15.2 Versions for GAP [4.5 .. 4.12]

Version 2.19, released on 9th June 2012, included the following changes:

15.2-1 AllCat1s

Version 2.21 contained major changes to the Cat1Select (2.7-1) operation: the list CAT1_LIST of cat1-structures in the data file cat1data.g was changed from permutation groups to pc-groups, with the generators of subgroups; images of the tail map; and images of the head map being given as ExtRepOfObj of words in the generators.

The AllCat1s function was reintroduced from the GAP3 version, and renamed as the operation AllCat1DataGroupsBasic.

In version 2.25 the data in cat1data.g was extended from groups of size up to \(48\) to groups of size up to \(70\). In particular, the \(267\) groups of size 64 give rise to a total of \(1275\) cat1-groups. The authors are indebted to Van Luyen Le in Galway for pointing out a number of errors in the version of this list distributed with version 2.24 of this package.

15.2-2 Versions 2.43 - 2.56

Version 2.43, released on 11th November 2015, included the following changes:

15.2-3 Version 2.61

Major changes in names took place, with 2dDomain, 2dGroup, 2dMapping, etc. becoming 2DimensionalDomain, 2DimensionalGroup, 2DimensionalMapping, etc., and similarly for 3-dimensional versions. Also HigherDimensionalDomain and related categories, domains, properties, attributes and operations were introduced. At the same time, functions for cat2-groups were introduced by Alper Odabas.

15.2-4 Versions 2.63 - 2.74

15.2-5 Versions 2.75 - 2.85

15.2-6 Versions 2.86 - 2.91

15.3 What needs doing next?

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